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In the new HD Zone!  High Definition Training are intensely unique programs that have taken the world by storm…on a schedule right here at YOUR club! HD coaches concentrate  on maximizing your strength, your speed and your flexibility.  HD Training is all about setting new goals, shaking off the “every day” workout cob webs and putting ENERGY back into your passion for fitness.

  • HD CARDIOSPORT : A 60-minute comprehensive fitness adventure that uniquely integrates interval training techniques with compound sports related movements in an unparalleled, inspiring exercise environment.  The foundation of CARDIOSPORT is its uncompromising ability to bring out the “BEST OF YOU.” CARDIOSPORT sparks a motivation and purpose for each participant.  CARDIOSPORT XPRESS is a 45-minute, just as intense version of the full 60- minute program to get you in and out and ready for the rest of your day.
  • HD TABATA : A 45-minute HIIT program using a 20-second work ratio to 10-second rest for 8 rounds x 8.  A three to five minute warm up starts you off.  A five to eight minute cool down.  You will continue to burn calories long after this session is over!
  • HD YOGA:  A  yoga class aimed at students looking for a more challenging practice of longer duration in an invigorating session.  Students will be motivated to find their personal edge with a vigorous 75- minute yoga practice based on Yoga Works’ intelligent sequencing method.  This method uses component parts early in the sequence to prepare the body for more challenging poses later in the sequence.  This flowing practice that includes long holds and attention to alignment will challenge all levels of practitioners.
  • HD ART OF STRENGTH -A program comprised of  progressive workouts that will take you through a series of truly functional movements specifically designed to teach your body how to move correctly through all planes of motion. Your coaches will walk you through a specific movement screening in order to break down your movement patterns. The goal of this is to find any potential imperfection in your movement, and take an individual approach to correct any underlying issue(s).  Corrective Strategies will bring you back to the basics.  You will learn not only how but more importantly WHY you do the exercises you do!  You will learn to properly engage your core while addressing the areas that need improvement such as flexibility and stability.  You will learn new techniques using your own body weight, suspension, kettlebells and vintage dumbbells and barbells.  From the beginner to athlete, the benefits are sure to increase stamina and performance, no matter what your training goals!  R.O.P.A.  is to be Resilient, Outstanding and always Perform with Attitude!  This program brings body weight, suspension and heavy rope based exercises together in a fun and challenging circuit style program.  Now that you know how to move your body, you will be challenged to do so in the second progression of the Art of Strength!  Vintage Fusion will take you through the techniques to properly use kettlebells.  You will establish a base of strength and improve movement patterns to ensure a better performance using vintage dumbbells, activating the posterior chain, and teaching proper execution.  Vintage barbells will help you to better understand the proper execution of the Olympic lifts.  Phase 4 is Kettlebells.


  • HD PLUNGE : A 40-minute high definition aquatic work out. While working out to the rhythm of the music, you will be toning and strengthening specific areas of the body. Areas of concentration include; arms. chest  abs and buttocks. This will be broken into four 10- minute intervals. First 10-minutes, using resistance weights toning upper body; 2nd 10-minutes, concentrating on cardio; 3rd 10-minutes  deeper water ( legs suspended) working abs, glutes, and thighs; last 10-minutes, cool down, including stretching, deep breathing to relax mind and body.
  • HD DAILY WORKOUT:  Cross-Training workouts coached by college-degreed Exercise Physiologists & nationally-certified Personal Trainers to keep it safe.  Look forward to a new daily workout routine and experience a different style of training, each complementing the previous and  next day’s workout.  During your session, your HD coach will progress or regress the daily workout, making it specific to your goals and guarantee your success.  The HD Daily Workout can be used as its own workout or to enhance your current routine or class schedule.  During select times of the day, HD coaches are on hand to make the workout perfect for you.  Increase your strength, stamina and muscle tone, while decreasing your body fat percentage, jacking up your endorphins, and boosting your metabolism!  Drop-in schedule so no appointments needed.  These workouts are for fitness fans who prefer more intense, no nonsense exercise.

Here is the link to the Group Exercise schedule and descriptions including the new HD programs.  Remember, HD is free until 1/1/15.

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