Caitlin Cole – M.V.P. Employee

Caitlin is certainly a very busy employee at Plymouth Fitness.  Since starting with us 3.5 years ago, Caitlin has built a rather large following as a Master Trainer, HDSG – Small Group Training Coach and Daily Workout/H.I.I.T. Instructor.  She also is a group leader for our student fitness program with Rising Tide Charter School.  Basically, Caitlin is a rock star!

With a BS in Exercise Science and over 10 years experience as a fitness professional, Caitlin constantly pursues advanced training in a wide-range of subjects related to health & wellness.  Caitlin is passionate about helping people of all ages, shapes and fitness levels to move better & find their “inner athlete”.  Always prepared and willing to share her knowledge, Caitlin’s clients are raving fans.  In fact, some of her clients have been working with her non-stop for the entire time she has been employed at Plymouth Fitness.

A co-worker favorite, Plymouth Fitness Nation loves Caitlin and we look forward with excitement to what the next 3.5 years will bring for her at Plymouth Fitness.  Rock on Caitlin!