Monthly Newsletter May 2020

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Nutrition advice from our Wellness Director – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Ali Miller RDN, LDN


At this unprecedented time, immunity is certainly on all of our minds!  Here are a few quick and easy things you can do every day to optimize your immunity with food:

  • Eat a vegetable of every color each day- think of the rainbow!
  • Include foods that contain inulin fiber– bananas, leeks, onions, garlic, jicama – to feed the good bacteria in our guts.
  • Eat your greens! The darker the better. Wilt these into soups, saute for a side or blend in a smoothie.
  • Chew your food well. Saliva begins digestion.
  • -Swap added sugar for natural sugar found in fruits with built in fiber and enzymes.

Also, we are now offering individual Telehealth nutrition appointments via Zoom!  60-minute initial appointments for a $95 investment and 30-minute appointments for a $65 investment.  We can also check to see if this is covered by your health insurance company.  If interested, please reach out at to me directly and I will be happy to assist.

Ali Miller RDN, LDN is on staff at Plymouth Fitness for private nutrition counseling. Currently she accepts plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield, Harvard Pilgrim, Tufts, United & CIGNA Health Care.  She can be reached directly at 508-746-7448 ext 116 or amiller@plymouthfitness.com
Nate Graham, MS is the Director of Training
Tips for Home Workouts

We are in a very unsettling time during the COVID-19 pandemic, to say the least.  Our daily lives and routines are being flipped upside down and abruptly halted in their tracks.  For many of us going to the gym is normally part of our daily routines and visiting Plymouth Fitness is our social hour, a welcome distraction from “real life” and how we clear our minds.

During this stressful time it is important to stop and take a break from our new normal and get a taste of the “good old days”.  Our team at Plymouth Fitness are creating virtual workouts, tips, ideas and videos of exercises you can do at home.  We plan to give you as many ideas, and modifications as we can using regular household items like backpacks, water jugs, duffle bags, soup cans, paper plates and furniture.  You can check out some videos here: Home Training Tips  you can also follow us on FacebookInstagram or YouTube!

Exercise, “social distance”, fresh air, nutritious food, and adequate rest are some of the best ways to keep your immune system strong to prevent or fight off this virus.  To help, MyZone has recently partnered with health clubs across the world to participate in a global challenge where you could win up to $5,000.  We at Plymouth Fitness have created our own Staff vs Members Challenge to help us stay socially connected, while staying physically distant!  It will also be a fun way to see who really works out more!  MyZone belts are heart rate monitors that track not only your heart rate, but also your effort while you are being active.  You will earn points while working in the different heart rate zones.  MyZone customizes your zones based on your individual fitness level and helps you to elevate your workouts.  The belt works with a FREE MyZone app to track your workouts and as well as progress.  They are also discounting their belts with an exclusive Plymouth Fitness coupon to $69.99 (an $80 savings) Buy your MyZone belt here!

So grab a makeshift weight, take the dog for a jog, join a virtual 5K, click a link and watch a video and stay active.  We love seeing all the videos and pictures of our members getting creative with their at home workouts.  Tag us, share with us and stay connected with each other!.
Most importantly, stay safe and healthy.  I can’t wait to see you all again!

Nate Graham, MS is the Director of Training at Plymouth Fitness. Click here for more information on personal training or connect with Nate directly at 508-746-7448 ext 143 or

With the temporary closure of the facility,  our HealthyCARE 90-Day Commit to Get Fit programs have been postponed.  As the situation continues to evolve, please know that we are working diligently to ensure the health and well-being of our employees, clients and community. We remain COMMITTED to your success and wellness!  We will continue to monitor the situation, communicate with all of you and reschedule as soon as possible.  Thanks to all of you, for hanging in there with us as we figure this out.
Marlene Velez-O’Brien shares & motivates
on all things GroupExTHE ANSWER IS GROUP
Keep Moving at Home

According to all the experts, regular exercise is a fantastic way to boost the immune system and fend off the doldrums that may be caused by remaining indoors.  Thanks to our incredible team if instructors, we are posting new online workouts for FREE almost every day.  This is a great time to try something new and include the whole family.  Give it a try!  Can’t wait to have you all back in the club again!

To view the online workouts, click here and scroll down to FREE HOME WORKOUTS.

Marlene Velez-O’Brien is our Group Exercise Director at Plymouth Fitness. She can be reached at 508-746-7448 ext 125 or marlene@plymouthfitness.com

Massage Therapists, Christina Jaros & Debra Walsh share the benefits of …





Foam Rolling

Even if you can’t come and see us for your normal self-care, whether it is massage therapy or our new ATS program, there is still so much you can do at home. So, today let’s talk about the foam roller.

The foam roller is a great tool and can be used on almost every part of the body for a little self massage. One of the biggest things to be aware of when using a foam roller is the movement. A lot of people just roll up the whole length of the muscle, but to get the most benefit you want to move in small movements along the muscle starting at the furthest point and working your way slowly upward in the direction of your heart.


Another thing to be aware of when foam rolling is that it’s all about feeling. If a spot feels a little stuck work on it a little bit longer until you feel some relief, but don’t over work it. Move a little away from the spot and gradually move closer to it. Think about untying a string, in the way that sometimes it is better to start on the edge and then work your way to the big tangle in the middle.

A third foam roll tip, is to get the whole muscle. For example, if you are working your calf rotate your leg so you can get all aspects of the muscle and not just the middle of it.

And last, but most important… breathe! Make sure you focus and control your breathing. If you find you are holding your breath, back off of that spot and take a deep breath!

Happy foam rolling, enjoy your new best friend!


Licensed Massage Therapists, Debra Walsh & Christina Jaros are the team on staff at Plymouth Fitness.  The are available to members & non-members with a varied schedule including mornings, days, nights & weekends.  They can be scheduled online here or by calling 508-746-7448 ext 110.