Lauren Poremski

University of Hartford- B.S.B.A. Business Management and Actuarial Science NASM-CPT
NASM- Women’s Fitness Specialist and Corrective Exercise Specialist
IDEA Fit-Functional Anatomy Certification Barre Above-Barre Certified Instructor Zumba Fitness- Zumba Licensed Instructor Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Core Exercise Solutions Youth Exercise Specialist, NASM Adult & Pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid

Fitness Philosophy:
Focus LESS on how you LOOK and MORE on how you FEEL ~ fitness is not about the number on a scale or the size of your jeans, but about making choices that serve you best that day leading to a longer, happier, pain-free life.

As a mother of two, my main focus and passion is to help women who have had children feel like themselves again. My goal is to have my clients feeling empowered and strong. I want women to celebrate their bodies for what it has done and what it can do. We do not need to “fix” our amazing bodies, but allow them to heal and rebuild. I also love working with men and women who want to get started learn more about exercise, and build a safe routine that works for them. Adolescents have also been a large part of my clientele since the beginning of my personal training career. Having a daughter who is a highly competitive athlete, I understand their unique needs. As a former dancer of 16 years, I know that nothing feels better than the unrestricted movement of your joints. So you’ll find mobility is an important part of my training and emphasized in my workouts. Overall I believe fitness is to feel good, to have fun, and improve the quality of our life for the long run.