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Salt & Tides Counseling, LLC is an integrative practice deep-rooted in psychology and rehabilitation counseling with a focus on helping people live a meaningful life.

Salt & Tides Counseling guides reflection through the psychology lens. My name is Hillary, and I am a Licensed and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor. I have worked alongside people with diverse abilities in public, non-profit and private clinical health settings for more than 15 years. As a Rehabilitation Counselor, I believe that patterns of stress can be reshaped to achieve personal goals using an integrative approach. Integrative methods focus on the whole person and includes mental, emotional, cognitive, physical, social, occupational and financial health. This approach connects the mind and body to help people move away from stress, pain and anxieties toward a free, flexible and meaningful life. The benefits of giving yourself this space will help to set achievable goals, improve personal performance, increase confidence and personal awareness, give freedom in your thoughts and develop sustainable productive habits. I am passionate about helping people foster a greater understanding of themselves, tame self-criticism, overcome limitations and celebrate success! Workers compensation and vocational rehabilitation inquiries please contact directly.


Hillary Ezrin, MS, L/CRC
Licensed & Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Pricing options

Duration cost
1/2 Hour $59
One Hour $95
1.5 Hours $139
Add Hot or Cold Stones $20
Three - One hour sessions $255
Five - One Hour Sessions $420
Twelve - One Hour Sessions $996
Three - 1.5 hour Sessions $387
Five - 1.5 Hour Sessions $640
Twelve - 1.5 Hour Sessions $1,524

*Plans can only be used by one person.

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