Advanced Therapeutic Stretching

ATS will help you become stronger, more flexible, and best of all, healthy and in the game! A full-body stretching session can help anyone.

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ATS is a comprehensive
full-body assisted stretch

Elite athletes swear by the results and non-athletes are thrilled by the way their body responds to everyday life tasks. ATS can be custom designed to fit your body and life.

30-minute sessions $48

This thirty minute advanced stretching session will target the areas of your body that tend to present your most frequent issues. We’ll be concentrating on helping you to regain flexibility and range of motion, while at the same time, developing a plan for you to strengthen and protect the area so future injuries are less likely.

Sessions cost
6 Sessions $279
12 Sessions $546

1-Hour sessions $79

This sixty minute advanced stretching session will consist of a full-body, comprehensive range of motion analysis with stretching of all major muscle groups. Regular sixty-minute ATS sessions will vastly improve your performance in all athletic activities by creating a stronger, more flexible power center. Great for injury prevention too!

Sessions cost
6 Sessions $468
12 Sessions $924

Gift Certificates Available