Mitchell Hennings

Personal Trainer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer CPR/AED Certified

Fitness Philosophy:
Instilling confidence and healthy habits through fitness. Mitchell’s goal is to provide people with a program that is both engaging and. It is important to challenge ourselves physically so that we are always growing and gaining confidence. Mitch believes we are all stronger than we think, sometimes all it takes is a push in the right direction.

Mitchell focuses on having fun and working within a client’s preferences when it comes to exercising. When pursuing his degree, he played three years of college football. This allowed him to learn and work with both the strength and conditioning staff as well as the athletic training department. This experience helped him fall in love with the gym and lifting weights, as well as understanding the body. Mitchell has worked with combat athletes, and field athletes of different skill levels, developing both skills and athletic power. He also has worked with the geriatric population giving restorative aid. His passion for fitness and providing the community with a healthy way of living is what drives him. Having an intuitive understanding of how muscle growth occurs allows Mitchell to provide clients with a clear plan that is both fun and rewarding.