Lunging Into My “Skinny” Jeans

We’ve all been waiting for the unveiling of the “club upgrade” that disrupted our workouts for the last few months. Finally, the New Plymouth Fitness is complete and we can proceed normally in our workouts without searching for your favorite machine and take advantage of all the new equipment. Many of us were rightfully stressed or annoyed and the completion couldn’t come soon enough. For me, it couldn’t be more perfect timing. Why you may ask? I have found that I don’t enjoy the cold and it is getting far too brisk for this girl to be attempting to run the beach.

Last week, I spent some time with Nate Graham learning some of the new equipment that I could use to still feel as though I am getting in a solid workout without hurting myself. As you get to know me, you will learn I tend to be a bit klutzy so this was probably a great use of my time. For me, the challenge is getting into a routine. The countless excuses that I am able to dig up during this Holiday Season is impressive. I am sure some of you can relate to this. My challenge to you and myself is to make yourselves accountable and do something, anything. For me, it needs to also be more than the lunges, squats, and stretches that I did simply to get into my jeans this morning! This season is filled with great food, football Sundays, and cozy nights but really most of us feel the best after a great sweat and when we fuel our bodies with nutrient-rich foods. My latest excuse is that I had surgery so I can’t work out or train the way that I would ideally like to. However, this just means I need to adjust. Since it is my arm and shoulders that are the issue, I need to focus on building strength in my legs, core, and cardio. I think the key to my success will be consistency and moderation. I have really come to like some of the new weight equipment – I would highly recommend taking the time to learn some of them. Plus, when I forget what I am supposed doing (which happens more often than not) all I need to do is check out the cool hologram that legitimately shows you how to do the exercise!

In two weeks, I start my personal training package – wish me luck! Until next time…

*The Girl in Neon