Small Group, Big Wins

There have been a lot of changes going on at Plymouth Fitness. I can relate to the constant state of change or evolving into something better than I was yesterday. It seems that Plymouth Fitness is really aiming to offer the best of the best to us as their members. They have taken the time to see what works. On the contrary, they have seen what does not work.

My workout routine was solid as I was basically at the club whenever I possibly could be. However, there were a few things lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I was a skeptic about this whole “small group” setting especially with incurring another cost. I enjoy working out alone and doing the exercises that I could (or want) to do. I had concerns that my injuries couldn’t sustain the pace of the group but also I might not be challenged enough in this setting. However, I tried it out with Nate for his HDSG on Wednesday evenings. Surprisingly, I was impressed on multiple levels. Not only did my wrist hold up like a champ but I was encouraged to modify those exercises that it didn’t while being encouraged to push with heavier weights on other exercises.  He was able to adjust the workout easily to different levels of skill and/or strength.

img_0556As you might be aware, last year I did the Spartan Race(s) with the “Plymouth Fitness” team. This actually had a “bootcamp” small group component too. Where I worked out alone all the time, this was a huge change of pace with the upside of meeting really good people. People that you end up creating a relationship with who are all motivating you to be better, push harder, get stronger. So the skeptic in me is impressed. I was able to meet people I wouldn’t normally and work out with some structure outside of my norm.

Sessions have been designed to fit your style and busy schedule. Are you up for dancing with Devon, working with Caitlin to lift safely with expert form, sweating it out with Nate, early morning agility with Matt, or Barre with Charlotte? Plymouth Fitness works to provide us with the tools to be as successful as possible. Commit to Get Fit(ter) with Coach Cass and Anna has made a monumental impact on many individuals lifestyle. I encourage you to think about this Small Group program. If you want to be pushed to train harder and smarter, bring a friend (who might not even be a member), or need that weekly structure to show up… it might be a great fit for you like it is me.