14-Day Free Trial

Since 1979, Plymouth Fitness has featured a terrific staff of fitness professionals who guide, support, and help our members create all the components of a personal program that they can be successful with. We can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals now.  Join the club known for its superb facilities, relaxed atmosphere and professional & courteous staff.

Our 14-day free trial allows those new to Plymouth Fitness to experience the club first, before deciding which membership option is best for them. Simply submit this form and a staff member will email or call you back to schedule a time for you to come in to get your trial started.  As always, feel invited to visit Plymouth Fitness in-person at anytime for a tour and to explore membership & HealthyCARE 90-Day options.

Must be local area resident & age 26 or older. 1st time members/guests only. Previous members and guests are not eligible for this offer.