Small Group Training

HDSG – Small Group Training is a great way to stay motivated, have fun and get an awesome workout; all at an affordable price for members & non-members!

Plymouth Fitness ALWAYS has small group training programs in place with a revolving 8 week training schedule.

what is hdsg Small Group Training?

New 8-week pricing

Member $172
Non-Member $212

Limited to 9 participants unless otherwise noted.

New Drop-in Rates

Member $29
Non-Member $31
MyZone MZ-3 belt

NEW MyZone Belts – $75 ($150 value)

Program Descriptions

Two people doing pushups


A High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) program consisting of various timed ratios, equipment and terrain designed specifically to maximize your heart rate. 

Group Doing Barre stretches


A mind-body strength format, Barre is a low impact but high intensity workout accessible for all fitness levels. We strengthen and stretch with a close eye on breathe and alignment. Traditional barre was based on Pilates and isometrics. Now we fuse the best of Pilates, yoga, dance, and traditional calisthenics to give you a modern and functional barre program. Each instructor will put their own spin on this amazing format to keep you safe and challenged.

Men and women doing stretches


The perfect addition to active recovery sessions focusing on variations of yoga movements in an attempt to lengthen and repair your muscles while keeping your heart rate as controlled as possible.


A fast paced mix of compound exercises that will make you feel the burn! Your sessions will revolve around major muscle movements based on sets, reps, AMRAP or EMOM workouts!

Group doing Cardio Core

Cardio Core

This cardio core circuit-style class incorporates strength moves and cardio into a high-impact workout. You will target multiple muscle groups including those glutes for a full body training session while jamming out to fun music. If you want to lift, firm and shape your body, tighten those abs, and burn some calories then this class is for you! Be ready to break a sweat!