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Personal Training

Personal Training at Plymouth Fitness includes sound nutrition advice, stress reduction, lifestyle changes and client-specific workouts to get you great results. This is unlike any other Personal Training you have ever experienced! By joining Plymouth Fitness, you are not just joining a gym. You are joining a full-service health and fitness club.  Think of your Personal Trainer as your own personal performance coach who will develop a comprehensive and sensible program ideally suited to your goals.

HDSG – Small Group Training is a great way to stay motivated, have fun and get an awesome workout; all at an affordable price for members & non-members!  Small Group Training at Plymouth Fitness is all about setting new goals, shaking off the “every day” workout cob webs and putting ENERGY back into your passion for fitness.  Offered in 6-week sessions at $159, $129 for members.

HDSG – Small Group Training Programs include:

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Body & Soul (Private Pilates, Barre & Yoga)

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