A Member’s Success Story…


Sue Sweeney shares her story…

“Hi Paul,

Thought I’d share my Plymouth Fitness success story with you.

I think I’ve been a member of the club for 10 years now and have worked with trainers off and on usually losing and gaining the same 10 pounds for ever.
Last winter instead of just trying to lose weight, I decided to concentrate my efforts on bringing down my fasting blood sugar levels, improve my sleep and reduce some stress. The results of my physicals were beginning to show early onset of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, all family traits. Although I was good at keeping up with some cardio I decided it was time for a make over to my approach on fitness.

I started consistently training with Maureen one day a week and made a commitment to come to the club and strength train at least one other morning/day. I still do my own cardio at home but took Maureen’s advice and got a Fitbit to track my daily activity level and my calorie expenditure, plus iPhone apps she recommended to keep track of intake calories. These technologies actually sync to each other and keep track of my calories input and expended. Maureen helped me set reasonable goals for each as well as target weight loss, plus offered fun incentives for her clients to keep trying.
Since January of this year, I have lost 16 pounds reaching my goal weight of 130, dropped 1 inch from my chest, 1 1/2 from my waist and a 4 inches from my hips plus dropped a whole clothes size.
My body measurements are almost proportional for the first time I can ever remember. Not bad for a person with hypothyroidism.
I have brought my fasting blood sugar to under 100 almost every morning, sleep soundly all night most nights and have much less anxiety or tension.
I have improved my strength and ability to do home and landscape improvement projects.
And a benefit a never saw coming… my golf game as improved unbelievably. I am able to hit the ball farther, with much more accuracy.

All thanks to Maureen’s patience, persistence and professional know how.

Thanks for all Plymouth Fitness has to offer and the supportive, friendly, encouraging staff. Your programs have really helped my prove to myself and others we can change the path we are on with consistent exercise, both strength training and cardio and healthy diet choices.
Sue Sweeney”

Thanks for sharing Sue. Awesome job and very motivating for all of us, members & staff. We at Plymouth Fitness are very proud to have helped!