Be Balanced


Balance is the only word that struck me when writing this entry. On so many levels balance is important. I spent a little bit of time thinking of why it is truly non-negotiable to be going to the gym regularly. Obviously, we all want that rockin’ bod but it is more than that.

Finding balance in the workweek.

I tend to have workaholic tendencies. Initially, this meant that the one thing I could push out of my day was my workout. It was the only task that wouldn’t affect others if I didn’t complete it. This was not true by the way. Amongst other things, Elle Woods reminds us “endorphins make you happy.” In the times that I was not making my BEST effort to get to the gym, I found that my stress levels were off the charts. I would put it in my calendar but it was almost completely pointless. I would delete it as my day got later as if it never existed. It was easy to justify that working longer was a better use of my time or that I needed sleep to be able to be a smart-cookie the next day. I am someone that needs to work out towards the latter part of the day. I give credit to you early morning folks. I am pleasant in the morning upon waking; but really my routine involves drinking a coffee over the next several hours.

I had to change my perspective in regards to my workouts. I needed to believe wholeheartedly that working out is a part of my day that takes priority; that it is a non-negotiable activity to keep my life balanced. I am fully aware that there will come to be days where it simply will not fit into my schedule. But now, the “date” that I have created with the gym is NOT to be moved off my calendar. From a stress management perspective, the balance I have created between work and personal has greatly bettered my ability to function at a higher level. Getting on that elliptical or working through my training session is more than tough at times but I never fail to feel better after. I feel more balanced with my schedule and stress levels.

Balancing your emotions.

When you have a lot going on – I am not sure there is a better thing to do than make sure you get your workout in. Tell me, when have you have really been upset with yourself for going to the gym? I would guess it is not often. Have you needed time to focus on a problem, did you find any clarity on potential solutions after your workout? Despite your plate being full; you may be more apt to deal with it after a good sweat. Even with taking the extra time out of my schedule, I get more accomplished. I feel more balanced, inspired, and creative.

Being physically balanced, literally.

Well, I am a klutz. Candidly, balance is not my forte. So finally, my last point on balance. My workouts are legitimately helping me become more physically balanced as I get stronger. You should see me try to stand on one leg; I won’t lie – it’s not always a pretty sight. As I have mentioned, for me, I am able to consistently work on the exercises and see tangible results with the exercises learned in my Physical Therapy regiment.

What keeps you balanced? For everyone who has a long day or night at work – what keeps you in routine? How do make sure you make it to the gym? What motivates you?