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Version 2We all have our motivators. The key is about finding what motivates us as individuals. What motivates is highly likely not what drives you. However, I would be willing to bet that most of us like the way fantastic feels and want to stick with it. In so many aspects of life you should never doubt that you have the power to change something about yourself.

I am competitive; not only with others but with myself. I have harnessed this “spirit” and purchased a FitBit; which has undoubtedly helped me move more. Paul will come up to me to ask “How many steps have you done so far, today?” The weekly challenges drive me absolutely nuts while also keeping me consistent. For me, this small change has helped. I found taken my weakness and found a solution that has helped by allowing me to basically have “virtual” workout buddies and track my workouts.

A balanced and nourished diet is not something that I struggle with. In fact, every time I show up at the gym to train with Nate I seem to want a burger. It is the oddest thing. I have a family member participating in the Commit to Get Fit Program. The biggest point was that she was finally more ready to commit to herself. Along with a far more consistent workout schedule – I have seen a hugely positive change in my body. I am eating the same diet (for the most part) to be as supportive as I possibly can be. IT REALLY WORKS. It is so much easier when the people around you are eating healthy, too.

There is a lot going on at Plymouth Fitness right now. What motivates you? Is it the Lose to Win challenge where you can win over $350? Do you need a gym buddy or to sign up for a race? Should you explore and sign up for the Commit to Get Fit Program? It’s NEVER too late to commit to yourself. How about the HD membership or starting with a weekly class? What is it that gets you excited and KEEPS you excited?

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