Myzone has arrived!

Myzone has “officially” arrived at the club!  Plymouth Fitness has made this investment to further increase the value of our Personal Training and HDSG experience.  Myzone is actively being used exclusively by only our Personal Training & HDSG clients.

Myzone is a Heart Rate Monitor System to help push you and your workouts to the next level, stimulate extra fat loss and help you focus on your training zones.

During a workout using your Myzone belt, you (and your coach) will know where you are in your target Heart Rate Zone, and how hard you are really working!. Together, you will maximize your workout time, and expedite your results!  And that is just scratching the surface of what Myzone can do…

As a special offer only to our current Personal Training & HDSG clients, we want to offer you the chance to purchase your very own Myzone belt for only $75.    If you are interested in purchasing your Myzone belt, please let  your trainer/coach know and we will make sure you get yours ASAP.