Victoria Best – Yoga Instructor

Tori Best is a yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher best known for her slow, rhythmic flows and guided journeys within. Her goal as an instructor is to hold space for all students regardless of their backgrounds or abilities and to help each return to their home at heart-center again and again. After her mom was diagnosed with a fatal stage IV brain tumor that turned her world upside-down, Tori’s personal practice and a heavy dose of poetry helped turn it right-side up again, and she has longed to help others find that same sense of peace, connection, and resilience within themselves ever since. Tori completed her RYT® 200 with Sanctuary Studios in 2017 and studied with Indra Yoga Institute with instructors from across the US in 2020 to become an RYT® 500.

She believes we are all students first, and yet all of us are teachers too. She welcomes all students to come sit with everything they need to sit with, to move through everything they need to move through, to breathe through everything that needs to be breathed, and to hold space within themselves for what is deeply human within us all. Off the mat, you can find her traveling, hiking, or hanging out with her beloved dog Coconut at the beach.

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