Lisa Evans

Massage Therapist

Lisa Evans is a Board Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist, practicing since 1997. Lisa is licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts & the Stat of Florida. She has worked alongside Doctors of Chiropractic, Neuro-Therapists, Trainers and more. Providing multiple modalities such as Myofascial Release, NMT- Neuromuscular Re-education, Sports Massage, Pre and Post- Surgical Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Cupping, PNF/AIS Stretching, Lymphatic drainage, Mayan Abdominal massage, and Reflexology.

Lisa is fueled by her passion for understanding and managing the nuances of soft tissue pain. She considers herself a ‘forever student,’ eager to both build on her applied techniques, and continued education to stay in tune with the newest modalines and professional development.
Her passion to help others and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her education as a protist, health coach and yoga certification. She provides pain relief and stress management benefits that can help her clients function in their busy lives.

If you want to “Stay in the Game” a massage will help to keep your body active. and help to manage your body’s aging processes, book your session today.