Help us help you.Always have your membership card ready when you arrive at Member Services so that we can check you in quickly.  It also makes it a faster process if you present your membership card when purchasing something with your ” credit card on file”.
Cancel if you must. Cancel any reservations you have made (classes, courts, pool lanes, etc.) with as much notice as possible if you are not going to be able to make it. Other members will be able to use that spot.
Don’t be gross #1.  We can’t believe that we have to state this but, swimming in your underwear is not allowed!  When using the pool, swim suits only.
Always secure your valuables.   Although we would like to think that we know everybody at the club, Plymouth Fitness is a public place with many members & guests.  Take the same precautions you would take anywhere with your wallet, jewelry, clothing, keys, etc.  Use the lockers with the digital locks provided.  Leave the lockers empty & unlocked when you leave the club.
Practice Steam Room & Sauna Etiquette.  Shower before entering; rinse off any sweat or dirt so you enter fresh, everyone in there with you will appreciate it.  Stay aware of your space; be wary of how much space you’re taking up. If someone new enters, make room for them so everyone can sit comfortably.  Be quick; we don’t recommend sessions lasting  longer than 15-20 minutes in general. Don’t forget to be quick with the door too to keep heat in.  Don’t bring electronics. You don’t want to potentially damage your phone with the heat, and you also don’t want to annoy other users with a phone conversation or music from your headphones.  Don’t exercise in the sauna; use this time to relax & allow other users to relax also.
Cell phone conversations in lobby only.  To protect the privacy of all members, cell phone use is prohibited in the locker rooms.  Also, most people find it to be distracting while someone is having a cell phone conversation while exercising, so please refrain from talking on cell phones in any area of the club except in the lobby.
Rack ‘em!  Simply return the weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, accessories, etc. to their storage area or rack when you are finished using them.  That way, members can always find what they are looking for easily.  Also, remember that everyone is not as strong as you…they might not be able to lift those 45 lb. plates off the leg press machine.
Got clean shoes?  Please help us to keep the sand and road salt out of the building and off the equipment by not wearing your “street shoes” while exercising.  If possible, have a separate pair of “club shoes” that are not worn outside.
Did you forget something?  Like your sweat!  No one wants to start using a piece of equipment or stretch mat only to find that the previous user neglected to wipe up their sweat when they finished.  Pre-moistened sanitizing wipes are located throughout the club.  Please use them.  Not to mention, it will keep the germs away.
@#$%^&^@#!  Foul language is a no-no at Plymouth Fitness.  Your club serves members of all ages including young children and senior citizens.  Be respectful of them and yourself by not cursing.
Don’t be gross #2. No shaving in the steam rooms or saunas. This one should be obvious!
Share and share alike.  Please be courteous to others when using the free weight equipment & weight machines by allowing others to “work-in” if they are waiting.  Don’t be scrolling through your phone while someone is waiting.  You might even make a new friend…
New credit/debit card or checking account.  Please remember to provide us with your new billing account information when you receive any new numbers from your bank or credit card company promptly.  It could save you a service fee!
You could be a hero!  Please report any suspicious activity or medical emergencies to a Plymouth Fitness staff member immediately.

 Thank you for helping us to continue providing you with  the premier health club on the South Shore!