Tina Skery

Personal Trainer

Ace Certified Personal Trainer
CPR/AED Certified

Fitness Philosophy:
“Working hard on a healthy body is the best gift you can give to yourself. Health is real wealth. You can become rich overnight… but you can’t become healthy and fit overnight. Your health is your most valuable asset.” – James DiNicol Antonio
“Make time for it, just get it done. Nobody ever got strong by thinking about it. They did it.” – Jim Wendler
“When your mind is telling you that you are done, exhausted and cannot possibly go any further, you are actually 40% done.” – David Goggins

Tina has always been into sports and fitness. All through her high school years she was chosen to compete as a junior champion in as shot put, long jump, high jump, relay race, 100m race, swimming, etc., representing her high school against other schools. From the age of 10 Tina was competing on horseback jumping and also played field hockey for her team. Tina got her start into the fitness world through helping her friends achieve their fitness goals. She enjoys passing on her passion to others. Today Tina is into bodybuilding and strength training but she is well versed in all aspects of fitness, helping her clients improve their cardio, conditioning, endurance and strength goals. She is currently working towards her Associates in Nursing and eventually continue her studies for more fitness knowledge.